Dollar Shave Update

Dan just sent me an email regarding his order for the Dollar Shave Club. The email:

My internet is down, so I am forwarding this from my BlackBerry.

I am not at all bothered by the delay. I like this email. I don’t mind waiting, because iit actually allows me to use the last of my store-bought razors.


The message that Dan received from the Dollar Shave Club:

Wow. We’re blushing.

Over the past week, you have validated more than 18 months of hard work & preparation. We are thrilled you think there’s a better way to shop for a shave, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to prove you right.

Safe to say, we weren’t expecting the demand we saw. After all, this was our label printer last week:

So we’re playing a bit of catch-up, and this will affect your shave:

  • Orders will begin shipping on March 21st
  • All shipments go out via USPS, and will be delivered 1-4 days later
  • Please contact our customer support team with any questions/concerns

Thanks for your patience & understanding as we normalize operations, and ramp up to meet demand.

Yours in Lather,

Michael Dubin
Co-Founder & CEO
Dollar Shave Club


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