I Did a Double-Take

When I saw this photo, I thought, “I wonder how the photographer coaxed all of those fish to swim in a circle.”

Then I read the word “resin” in the description and thought, “Why did that sick-fuck photographer trap all of those fish in resin?!?”

After swallowing back the vomit I had working up due to the images my brain produced of fish (live or dead, feel free to choose) thrashing about (if you pictured dead fish, they won’t be thrashing, just smelly) as resin is poured over them, drowning them, I read more of the description. Riusuke Fukahori paints these scenes, pouring layer over painted layer of resin. I can’t read kanji, but his site has more images of his work for view. And I was really hoping this video showed more of the process, but it’s still worth watching.

Even the title is a bit ominous when your mind still has that lingering doubt of “live fish in resin”.


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