I took the Tropicana line to work today.

There is no part of this that makes me want Tropicana.






4 thoughts on “I took the Tropicana line to work today.

  1. Sure. But not in the context of positive discussion. I might have bought Tropicana products yesterday, but now I’m less likely to. I believe that the (extremely modest) readership of this blog will agree with me, and likely follow suit.

    Let’s be clear: Tropicana is worsening the already crummy commutes of countless Chicagoans. Bad on them.

    I was lucky enough to be in a relatively quiet car when this came around. Imagine being crammed shoulder-to-shoulder in this nightmare of badvertising.

  2. Was the whole train done up that way?

    If not, I might suggest that Tropicana is providing quiet train cars to their most loyal patrons.

    Also, orange is as obnoxious a color as it is delicious when edible. If they really want to put their product first, you must admit the PR department has their work cut out for them.

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