Killing Time

Apparently there exists a group of physicists who don’t think that time is a dimension. They argue that time is discrete from space. They point out this guy named Gödel, who argued that:

In any universe described by the theory of relativity, time cannot exist.

 via Physicists continue work to abolish time as fourth dimension of space.

I read this article twice.

Hey, physics. What gives? Why you gotta play me this way? Just when I think I’ve got you all mathed up in my head you go and get a bunch of smart people who math you up on the side. I know what you’re going to say – it doesn’t mean anything, they give you attention that you don’t get from me, I’m too busy with, you know, not-physics-stuff. I understand. I do. But hey, listen, for the sake of the children, do you think we could try and work this out? After all, chemistry doesn’t go and change rules every few years on me. Yeah, I keep in touch with chemistry. And you know what? I’ve been seeing sociology on the side too. So there. Now our cards are on the table.

Your move, physics. What’s it going to be?


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