Two Quotes from Joss Whedon’s recent NYT interview

There’s a weird kind of cultural obsession with instant gratification that has entered our business model. Nobody’s interested in making a living – they only want to make a fortune. With the amount of money we made “Avengers” for, you could make a lot more movies.


Believe me, there are tropes in this movie that will appear as nothing else. I referred to the Tesseract more than a few times as “the MacGufferact.” The invasion at the end, that was stipulated. And all I could think was, Great, I know where I’m going. My whole thing was, make sure that none of this feels like a checkmark. But more than once, we watched the trailer for some movie and went, “Oh, are their aliens better than ours? Are they too similar?” Panic, panic, panic.  At the end of the day, it’s like, Was there a story about human beings threaded through all of that? The superhero team movie is going to have a certain structure, but no cars turn into anything else except piles of rubble. Cars magically transform into burning cars. That part I’m happy about.

via Joss Whedon on Assembling ‘The Avengers’ –


The full interview is pretty good. It’s part of a series of interviews published this week with Whedon, including:

Which is also pretty good.


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