Party With Your Star Wars Friends

Do me a favor. Watch this before Lucas pulls it.

My buddy Andrew, who I guess I am supposed to call Dr. Hot from the future, spent the majority of March ripping and cutting all six Star Wars movies into a music video for his new band’s second track.

If you’re into auto-tuned dance-pop shenanigans or Star Wars, you’ll love the video.
If not, you’ll still marvel at the extreme amount of work that went into this ADHD feast.

Here’s the band’s first music video, cut from innumerable Fail/Win compilations.

Is Dr. Hot trying to cater to the viral video market? Absolutely.

Is this a noble goal? Absolutely.

Speaking of viral, after the band released their first video, some OTHER band called Double Take released a single called Hot Problems. It must be seen to be believed. It’s one of the worst songs of all time, and that put it into Rebecca Black/Friday territory, which the internet could not resist.

Because Dr Hot from the future is a dear friend of mine (or so he says; he’s from the future and though present-Dan only met him recently, he says in the future he saves my future-wife from a terrible car accident, and somehow there are dinosaurs; he’s very persuasive) I want to encourage you to go to Pledge Music and watch his fundraising video, which is charming as balls.


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