Being a Good DM by Steve Townsend

“The other players are your team. Presumably your friends. If someone ever seems upset about your brilliant role-playing move, whether you’re a player or the DM, start with, “I’m sorry. I totally didn’t mean anything by it personally.” After that, you can discuss your choice and move on. If you have to defend yourself with, […]

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Roy McCarthy is a Liverpudlian artist and designer who has put together an alternative branding campaign for the London Olympics. As you may know, the Olympic committee is insanely protective of their brand and name, despite claiming to be an amateur sporting competition, and having stolen their name and idea from the ancient Greeks (ancient […]


Best Geek Ever

The Oatmeal created a love letter to Nikola Tesla a few weeks ago that I failed to share here. I should be flogged for the oversight. (Click through for the full letter.)   Apparently someone at Forbes felt the need to come to Edison’s rescue, attack a businessman and you get… a sternly written letter. […]

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