Google+ Developing a Hangout App for Tabletop Gaming


3 thoughts on “Google+ Developing a Hangout App for Tabletop Gaming

  1. On a more related note. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. The problem with any of these online tabletops is the balance between simplicity and a comprehensive/polished interface.

  2. Exactly. Wil already uses Google Hangout for online gaming. He says it works pretty damn well. This application looks pretty good (I did not sit through the full 45 minutes) but it lost some charm the second they introduced the die rolling system. 1) no computer can actually be as random as physical dice, 2) the computer dice system immediately calls everyone at the “table” a liar, by presuming that everyone needs to see die rolls in order to validate them, and that kills a large part of the community that is supposed to develop in a good game. Someone always fudges a roll, and it’s always kinda bullshit, but every now and then everyone gets one…

    That said, any system that smooths out the map sharing, voice and picture calling, and instant messaging systems for online tabletop gaming has my attention.

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