Which Candidate do You Side With?

Pretty decent set of questions written to show how closely you align with several presidential¬†candidates on key issues. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! ¬†Which Candidate do You Side With? (The Quiz does not rate how much you care, or how tired you might be of the whole “democracy” thing.)

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Sixfinger. It looks like a finger, but watch ’em flip, it’s a secret weapon at your fingertip. SIXFINGER TOY BY TOPPER – YouTube


Wii U or Won’t U

That horrible title alone should set off the comment section. Over the weekend I was meditating over the announcements and events of E3. Watch Dogs still has my mind reeling over the idea that in the near future someone will have the capability to pull out their cellphone and be able to tell if I […]

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Big Bang Registry

There is nothing about this that I do not love. Click through for an interactive map of the cosmos that allows users to name topographical objects and envisions the universe as a child’s map. Just click – you won’t be sorry. Big Bang Registry – Explore!.

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