Wii U or Won’t U

That horrible title alone should set off the comment section.

Over the weekend I was meditating over the announcements and events of E3. Watch Dogs still has my mind reeling over the idea that in the near future someone will have the capability to pull out their cellphone and be able to tell if I paid that parking ticket from ’05 or just had it fixed through a bit of personal hacking. What does ‘authenticity‘ in a video game mean? Why do so many people clamor for the over-the-top alpha-male shooters like Gears of War and Call of Honor? Does anyone want a game that teaches you how to dribble a basketball? I think the only thing that will come of that is a lot of noise complaints from neighbors below and parents that have spent years telling kids not to play with balls in the house.

My biggest question after E3 is this; will there be a new Mario Paint with Wii U? The new interface is perfect for it and we don’t have enough YouTube clips like this:

It’s strange to think that I’ve eaten spaghetti with the ‘most hated man in gaming’.

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