A Meme is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Let’s do it. Let’s start one. First Planking, then Tebowing, and probably other stuff,








13 thoughts on “A Meme is a Terrible Thing to Waste

  1. 1. His inner thighs are often directed toward the camera (Image #2 above), unless something more interesting requires their attention (Data, in image #1 above). Ideally, his genitals are arranged in such a way that they face not only the camera but someone who really doesn’t need to be looking at Riker’s genitals (Wesley, in image #3 above.)

    2. When possible, he rests his arm on his leg, a welcome respite from the burdons of command.

  2. I think the difficulty in creating this meme is that it is too similar to doing that Captain Morgan thing. To really set this apart, the focus should be positioning your crotch uncomfortably close to someone’s face, as Wil pointed out.

    Placing your arm on your raised thigh and smiling confidently (seductively?) earn you bonus points.

  3. I accidentally Riker’d someone yesterday but I decided not to say, ‘Hey, quick, take a picture of how close your face is to my crotch.’

  4. It will be easier once the craze catches on. For now, we will just have to work with the knowledge that we did it.

    We should include in the ‘rules’ that if no one is around with a camera, a simple wink to the person who has been Rikered will indicate what has happened. Sure, it might be taken in a weird way, but explaining the situation to HR/cops later is a great way to teach people about the movement.

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