What Did He Say?

There are issues with the audio mix for surround sound settings on the new TNG blu-ray discs. I don’t really have much more to say about it. I’m just keeping to the theme.

Star Trek TNG Blu-ray Audio Fix

I might as well pepper this with a little ‘bone.


5 thoughts on “What Did He Say?

  1. We noticed that the audio in the movie theater was underwhelming. The main theme was lackluster, and the dialogue a bit muffled. I doubt they used any of the flawed audio for the event, but it does make me wonder if the whole audio process for the bluray was a little botched.

    1. Which theater was showing it? I think the theater that played it here, in Tex-ass, is one that I’ve had sound issues with before. Just lazy teenagers that didn’t give a shit and a manager that wet his pants when I asked him a question.

  2. Well, this was a Regal, which means it’s a fully royal(e) theater going experience.

    It’s probably staffed by the distant relations of your theater staff.

    I haven’t had any major issues with this theater, though; except that the walls are too thin, and you can hear the highway and the walkie-talkies of cops as they arrest drug dealers masturbating behind the theater.

    1. Are the drug dealers masturbating on the drugs they’re selling? Is that where the face-eating phenomena arose?

      What do you mean I’m off topic? Blu-ray.

  3. This is actually a really easy mistake to make while authoring, but it’s also REALLY EASY to catch. Someone just needed to pop a disc into a player and listen.

    Whoever made this mistake? They were wearing a Red Shirt.

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