It’s the Third Quarter

When the “secret” speaker at the RNC was rumored to be Clint Eastwood, everyone was picturing Dirty Harry’s stern, no-nonsense delivery of a message that many Republicans had read into this commercial as a pseudo battle cry. Democrats took it as a bump since the commercial was for a car manufacturer that Obama’s bailout saved. […]

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Hot Chick

There’s a Tumblr page dedicated to Hot Chicks in Batman Shirts. Unfortunately, I’m not a hot chick – I like free drinks – and I felt jilted that I could not join this club. I now know how Homer felt when the Stonecutters decided to disband and created the No Homers Club. In an attempt […]

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Two Legends Lost in Space

Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the Moon, donned a red shirt today. As I was thinking of something more poignant to say, I realized that we overlooked the passing of another historic astronaut. Sally Ride, the first woman in space, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer just over a month ago […]

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Crush Dice

Continuing on with Red Shirt Week I am giving a plug to Dragon Chow. Lyndsay is the dynamo behind the machine and she has some fantastically geeky designs. What does this have to do with Trek? This! Wesley Crusher’s sweater design! (I added the Wil Wheaton head*) I’ve never had a dice bag before, but […]

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Leave it to the Professionals

Here is what happens when an elderly woman decides to restore a painting. It’s not horrible. She just knew the true form of Jesus – a barn owl. He was famous for the Screech on the Mount and the Last Supper where he regurgitated a mouse, blessed it, and said, “This was in my body, […]

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Age Appropriate Justice League Casting

The ancient nerd-forum topic of which actors should play our favorite heroes seems to be re-energized now that Christopher Nolan’ s Batman series has wrapped up. His producer credit on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and the Nightwing/Robin/Batman Jr tease of The Dark Knight Rises, and the success of the laboriously hyped Avengers movie has convinced […]

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