The DogMic Top Five or so Films Of Ever

You heard me. Let’s do ’em one better. It’s popular to be smug, so let’s be smugglers.

Send me a list of your picks for the five or so best films and I’ll compile the “most populous” of them. Popularest!



No Citizen Kane. BORING.

(Citizen Kane isn’t boring, but it’s boring to pick as the best film ever. We’ll rank it as #0 for this countdown.)




12 thoughts on “The DogMic Top Five or so Films Of Ever

  1. Also, we should list the top 5 movie trailers of all time. I mean, have you seen the trailer to The Pursuit of Happyness? It’s GREAT. The movie is not good, but in 1/58 of the time of the movie, the trailer gets right into your heart and messes around.

  2. Ghost Dad 2: Ghost Dog: The way of the Seven Samurai

    Top 5?!? TOP 5?!?!

    1. Andrei Tarkovsky – Andrei Rublev
    2. Akira Kurosawa – Seven Samurai
    3. Ingmar Bergman – Persona
    4. Rainer Werner Fassbinder – Berlin Alexanderplatz (count it!)
    5. John Ford – The Searchers
    Honorable Mentions – Bela Tarr – Satantango, Pier Paolo Pasolini – The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Carl Theodor Dreyer – The Passion of Joan of Arc, Masaki Kobayashi – Harakiri, Robert Bresson – Au Hasard Balthasar

    Bonus List: Top 1 Mindfucks of Cinema I’ve seen of Late
    1. Andrzej Zulawski – Possession

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