Wil’s Top 5 (or so) Films

I seriously thought 5 would be easier than 10. You know, because it’s shorter. Let me be clear for the record: FIVE IS SO MUCH HARDER THAN TEN.

6. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

5. Seven Samurai

4. Tree of Life

3. There Will Be Blood

2. Bleu (or, really, the Three Colors Trilogy)

1. The Godfather

0. Citizen Kane


Honorable Mentions? I got your Honorable Mentions right here!

I wanted both Bergman and Bresson to hit my top 5 so badly. Here’s to A Man Escaped, recipient of my “Best Movie I Saw at the Siskel This Year” award.

Also, why is it so hard to put pure comedy in the top 5? Obviously there’s this…

And my favorite movie of all time is The American Astronaut, which really shouldn’t surprise most of you.

Finally, my special “Dan’s Pick” award goes to…


One thought on “Wil’s Top 5 (or so) Films

  1. Definitely considered The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance over the Searchers but I’m more partial to the wide open spaces shots. Good choice for sure.

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