Kosmo Has Watched Movies

I hate listing anything in a “Top #” format. My preference for certain films changes with my mood and the Zodiac, so the ability to nail down a numerical representation of my favorite films is near impossible. But in the interest of shitting on this entire concept, here is my list.

Numero Five-o: The Muppet Movie

It speaks for itself.

Numero Quatro: The Fisher King

It makes post-traumatic stress look like fun.

#3: Shaun of the Dead

This was the only image I could find.

#4: The Big Lebowski

This isn’t in the movie, but the actual film has everything you could hope for in a movie. Unless you’re looking for horses.

#1: The Jerk

If you don’t like this movie, Fuck You.

Honorary Mention:

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Because I like conflict.

I guess The Godfather was pretty good, but this is getting too long.


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