Crush Dice

Continuing on with Red Shirt Week I am giving a plug to Dragon Chow. Lyndsay is the dynamo behind the machine and she has some fantastically geeky designs. What does this have to do with Trek?


Wesley Crusher’s sweater design! (I added the Wil Wheaton head*) I’ve never had a dice bag before, but I saw this and thought, “That’s it.” It’s not something that will jump out to the uninitiated, it’s really a drab design for a sweater, but will guarantee a laugh (or groan) from those familiar. And that red D20 in the photo, she added that as a bonus**. You can never have too many D20s.

As I mentioned, this is my first dice bag, but I think it’s well crafted. It’s flat-bottomed and the seams create a great form to allow the bag to open up much like a paper bag. You can’t see it, but the brown/red/yellow/green is on the bottom as well. As an added touch she wrote “Hooray! It’s Here!” on the package, highlighting the excitement one gets from receiving a package in the mail. Seriously, who doesn’t love that? That was just a signal to me that she likes what she’s doing. She’s having fun and isn’t that what having your own small business is all about?

I hope this lasts me years and, if a replacement is needed in the future, I selfishly hope Lyndsay and Dragon Chow are still operating so I can grab another.

Check out her site,, and Twitter, @dragonchow.

*I traced the drawing*** of Wil from the image by Jemina Venter for the Don’t Be A Dick Day page. (Lyndsay also has a Don’t Be A Dick design available.) I posted it here a few weeks ago, but I want to give credit where credit is due. I would have printed it, but I’m out of ink. I traced it off of my monitor. That was probably a bad idea. I’m not sure, I don’t see any ill effects yet.

**I hope this doesn’t cause problems for Lyndsay in the future from customers thinking, “HEY! I didn’t get a free D20!” Lyndsay, let me know if you get any shit and I will retract that statement and simply use it for scale. Lyndsay got in touch withe me via the Twitter to let me know, “…all orders come with a free D20 and an excited note on the envelope :)”, so I’m in the clear. It’s all about me.

***I’m going to keep my tracing of Wil sticking out of my bag for as long as it holds up. It might look creepy and it’s not the same Wil that was Wes, but I find it funny****.

****I need a hobby.


8 thoughts on “Crush Dice

  1. We did! I mean, He did!

    Prior to this purchase they were scattered about the cold barren landscape that is my desk for the past year and now they have their own lean-to to protect them from the harsh crumbs and coffee drops that occasionally pepper the terrain.

    The joy I got from coming up with that title is the reason I fucked up and published two posts within 30 minutes of each other. I keep saying to myself, “That was fucking brilliant. You will receive all of the money and women will be awestruck by your charms.”

  2. The little business card she added to the bag had this written on it:

    Perfect stand in for a colossal gelatinous cube.
    Because your players got complacent.

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