Grand Theft Auto & Back to the Future

This is honestly the coolest thing I’ve seen done with videogames.

Found on reddit.

YouTube comments are for the damned. However, this video on YouTube has a hilarious response from a guy whose real name is probably not superbeefcake29, “This would be dope if it took your [sic] from GTA IV to the world of LA Noire.”

That’s a game I’d pay $60 to play!

BTTF-related, this is the coolest non-real-life thing I’ve ever seen. In real life, this levitating hoverboard is the best BTTF-related creation I’ve seen.

Rock on, Internet.

2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto & Back to the Future

  1. That L.A. Noire hack would be incredible. Or just change the color palette to black and white or sepia tones. Yeah, there is still a modern styling to everything, but for the first few minutes you think, “I’ve broken the game!” I haven’t gone to reddit to check this, but it looks like the time jump ‘kills’ you and the hack just changes the time of day and repopulates the environment. The skin is very impressive.

    The truth behind the hoverboard is –

    the majority of the workings for the hover board are in the pedestal.

  2. Oh, I knew that. But it sure as heck does levitate in real life. Which is great. I heard that it can’t hold more than a few grams of weight, either. But it’s still awesome.

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