It’s the Third Quarter

When the “secret” speaker at the RNC was rumored to be Clint Eastwood, everyone was picturing Dirty Harry’s stern, no-nonsense delivery of a message that many Republicans had read into this commercial as a pseudo battle cry. Democrats took it as a bump since the commercial was for a car manufacturer that Obama’s bailout saved.

The day after the Super Bowl, when the commercial aired, Eastwood came out and said he wasn’t ‘politically affiliated’ with President Obama but also said that the message was about the American Spirit and job growth. Something that both sides should have acknowledged and then realized IT’S JUST A COMMERCIAL FOR A CAR.

Last night at the convention there was no resemblance to Dirty Harry. To me, the whole thing played out like this:

I watched a little of the post-show wrap up that many 24-hour news circuses feel the need to run for hours. There were few contributors to the round tables that thought the Eastwood moment did anything to help. A number of them felt that Eastwood stole the thunder from Romney and he was going to be the one people take about around the water cooler, but not for his hilarious one-man show. He came across as old, crotchety, and on the verge of senility. But then again, the GOP found the perfect representation for their voter base.


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