Catherine, like Scott and I, has a birthday that follows the super-cool formula for awesomeness: m x 3 = d where m = numerical month and d = date. It’s a pretty cool way to figure out who your friends are. (Suck it, other people; especially Kosmo, but especially Wil.) Here’s a picture I took of […]

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A Form of Time Travel

Behold! Not impressed? Well, try on these info pants for size: The most distant objects here are over 13 billion light years away, and we see them when they were only 500 million years old. That means this picture looks back in time almost 13 billion years. Click the image for the full article on […]

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Power to the Cloud

A long-ish New York Times article by James Glanz on the power requirements of the modern data center and the specious conclusions about its impact on power consumption and environmentally friendly veneer. Power, Pollution and the Internet

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New Wrinkle in an Old Post

Remember the lady who decided to restore that painting of Jesus and butchered it horribly? Of course you do, I linked you right to it. She felt pretty bad about the whole thing and had an anxiety attack. Probably nothing on the level of that Kony guy, but she’s old and I’m sure it pains […]

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A World Within a Picture

Today’s XKCD is insane and brilliant. Insalliant… Brilliane… What ever. I spent 15 minutes so far clicking and dragging and I’m not sure how much of the surface I’ve scratched. I followed along the surface and found another path. I followed that with the idea that I would soon return my discovery of what my […]

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Filson Outdoor Gear

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting to Dogmic is that my computer doesn’t run the editor very well, and I haven’t had the patience to put up with its choppy, slothy bullshit. Still, the unspoken peer-pressure builds each day, and I feel more and more compelled to post something. And then, somewhere along […]

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