Space Spirits

Say you’re an intergalactic traveler and have a bit of the home-brew bug. You set up a still, go about boiling your interplanetary mash, and let that yeast from Rigel 7 get to work. How will your intoxicant endeavors fair in zero gravity?

I have no idea.

Luckily, some scientists decided to team with Ardbeg’s Islay distillery a year ago and sent some chemical compounds, or terpenes, to the space station. Once there, the compounds were combined and the fermenting process was set into motion. It will spend two years going about its business and then compared to a similar distillation process safely on the planet’s surface.

To mark the occasion, Ardbeg is releasing Gallileo, a a limited edition 12-year single malt whiskey. It’s not space whiskey, but I forgive Ardbeg for getting excited about the results to come.


Thanks to Warren Ellis for the heads up of this historic experiment. Maybe this will get Americans invested in the space program since landing a BIG FUCKING ROBOT ON MARS wasn’t as big an impact as hoped.


4 thoughts on “Space Spirits

    1. I clearly have no memory of content on our own page past a few months. I couldn’t remember when Dan posted a story a few weeks ago and now this. I would make the perfect Republican voter if I didn’t have a conscience.

      At least this story was about the Galileo release. That counts for bonus plagiarism, right?

    2. No! Wait! I DO remember that now. I went to read it, but the link was already broken.

      This really happened. It’s not a space-milk-of-the-poppy dream.

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