Now With 200% More Emily Dickinson

The Guardian has reported that A photo of a woman who might-be-could-be-probably-is Emily Dickinson was discovered recently.

If confirmed this would bring the known total of Emily-Dickinson-photographs to a whopping… two.*

From The Guardian:

Here’s the only other known image.


Well! That’s super exciting news. But hold on to your hats, ladies who wear hats and gentlemen who wear hats and also anyone else who wears a hat…

After extensive research I am proud to announce that I have uncovered a THIRD PORTRAIT OF EMILY DICKINSON!

Presented here in it’s full context for the first time ever,** behold!

*That’s one for every species of Monotreme.

**On dogMic anyhow.

Thanks to the Guardian, Amherst College, and of course, XKCD for the above links and images.

Emily Dickinson gets a new look in recovered photograph | Books |


3 thoughts on “Now With 200% More Emily Dickinson

  1. I have an Emily Dickinson mii on Nintendo’s Wii. My younger sister likes to use her to play Wii Sports, and will play tennis shouting, “You go Emily Dickinson! You’re so good at tennis,” while not knowing who Emily Dickinson is. I think that Emily Dickinson would hang out with the one in the comic strip.

      1. Edgar Allen Poe Vs. Emily Dickinson is a good match. I currently have those two, Oscar Wilde, George Elliot, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Ben Johnson… That’s all I can think of on the top of my head.

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