Filson Outdoor Gear

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting to Dogmic is that my computer doesn’t run the editor very well, and I haven’t had the patience to put up with its choppy, slothy bullshit.

Still, the unspoken peer-pressure builds each day, and I feel more and more compelled to post something.

And then, somewhere along the way, Dan got 1,000+ hits and Kosmo got 200+, and everyone has, like, 1,000 more hits than me, so, now, no matter what I post, I’m going to feel useless.

Anyway, check out this site:

They make really high quality outdoor gear, with a smattering of regular every day sort of gear. They have a $30 t-shirt,

an $800 leather briefcase,

and this coat, which I think I wanna buy.

All of their products are made in a Union Sewing Factory in Seattle, and they guarantee all of their products, I think, for life.

What do you guys think of the coat?


3 thoughts on “Filson Outdoor Gear

  1. Upon further review of the coat in question, I stand by my previous statement; It’s a sharp coat. I don’t know how Yukon wool feels, but I’m picturing it comes from stubborn sheep that aren’t afraid to mix it up with a snow fox.

    The reviews are all positive as well. I call into question the 4 people that claimed the coat “wasn’t warm”. Peering into the depths of human stupidity, I imagine they felt they could tumble in the snow while wearing only this jacket, as the stubborn, Yukon sheep do. No, stupid human. You are not stubborn, Yukon sheep stock. You are a whiny, fleshy human that lost it’s body hair that may have allowed this sort of behavior over the course of millennium in order to adapt to warmer climes. Foolish, whiny, hairless, fleshy human.

    That briefcase looks fantastic as well. Had I not found a decent briefcase in the trash, I’d want to save money for it. I still want to save money for it, but I have other pressing needs to attend to before blowing $800 on a briefcase.

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