A World Within a Picture

Today’s XKCD is insane and brilliant. Insalliant… Brilliane… What ever.

I spent 15 minutes so far clicking and dragging and I’m not sure how much of the surface I’ve scratched. I followed along the surface and found another path. I followed that with the idea that I would soon return my discovery of what my initial path had in store, but there was so much more once I branched off. It’s like an onion that doesn’t make you cry and cause bad breath. It’s just layer after layer of fresh, new onion.

I wonder if anyone is meticulously working on piecing the entire image together to create a majestic tapestry. Since it’s the Internet, I give them a day. Probably less.

Here is the beginning of the comic. I don’t know if the last panel is click-and-draggable It’s not click-and-draggable, but you can click through to the site to see it come to life. Like an onion.


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