Catherine, like Scott and I, has a birthday that follows the super-cool formula for awesomeness: m x 3 = where m = numerical month and d = date.

It’s a pretty cool way to figure out who your friends are. (Suck it, other people; especially Kosmo, but especially Wil.)

Here’s a picture I took of Catherine and I eating dinner later tonight:

8 thoughts on “Golden!

  1. Dan, I’m not going to judge the way you treat your special lady-friend, but why did you stab her hand with porcupine needles?!? I don’t want to get the authorities involved, so you better have a damned good explanation.

    Also, my birthday is 7/13/1981.
    91 backwards is 19.
    1 from 9 equals 8 and 8 from 9 equals 1.

    Check and mate. I also co-wrote the film The Number 23.

  2. Okay, Kos, you’re off the hook. That’s pretty neat.

    And Catherine and I are using lightning chopsticks. They’re the best. They’re made from petrified lightning, which is pretty rare outside of dreams.

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