Reddit user omgwerhvngafire_sale made the greatest pixel art you’ll ever see

Art by omgwerhvngafire_sale

Click here for a much larger version.

I’ve stared at this for over 30 minutes now and I keep finding new things. Troy and Abed, Flight of the Conchords, the Three Amigos, the Duck Hunt dog, Ace Ventura, Tobias Funke, crazy Ron Swanson petting Lil Sebastian, Cyclops making eyes at Leela, Pac-Man chasing Casper and Space Ghost, all of the different Joker cosplays, He-Man singing in front of the rainbows, Deadpool chasing the magikarp, Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee holding hands with Slaw, the Game of Thrones game, the QWOP sprinter (which counts as a Red Shirt), the Kramer painting!… there are too many wonderful things here.

He wins major points from Dog Mic for including the Jurassic Park/Dennis Nedry bit.

Just look at this clip, he’s got the poofy shirt, the Kramer painting, the Elaine dance, and naked Costanza, plus, Shaun with red on his shirt, Dennis Nedry being spit in the face by a Left 4 Dead spitter, Stephen Colbert, the Duck Hunt dog, and the Prince of the Cosmos.

Here are his comments so far from the Reddit page.

I planned out the booths first and the jokes i wanted to for them. That was followed by adding in characters that would go with the booth. Then common areas I filled in with groups of characters that didn’t need to be in booths. And then finally putting in characters I didn’t really have a joke for to fill up the rest of the space.

For the booths I used a Photoshop smart object which also included the characters that are within the booth. Characters not in booths I had them as groups of layers. There are A LOT of layers in the final PSD.

Dude, it’s so fucking awesome that you and everyone else are picking up these details. When I was close to finishing it I showed some friends and probably because it wasn’t their thing, they just didn’t spend much time looking at it as I had hoped. So to hear you guys enjoying it gives my smile a huge erection.


5 thoughts on “Reddit user omgwerhvngafire_sale made the greatest pixel art you’ll ever see

  1. I spent the better half of my morning (from 930 – 10 counts as the better half) looking at this image. That’s almost as long as I spent in Google Art the other day (off by an hour or three).

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Ron Swanson is sporting a kimono, cornrows, and a partial mustache because a portion wore away. From friction.

    So many references. I recognize many, but can’t come up with names. FRUSTRATION!

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