This Is Some Kind of -ist Bias, But I’m Not Sure What

Two months ago I submitted a picture to the Tumblr page Hot Chicks In Batman Shirts. Though I am not a ‘hot chick’, I felt my submission was relevant because the concept I created was in step with the essence of the page. There have not been many posts since I submitted, so clearly the editor of the page is not inundated with material. If anything, I thought I would get a pass because it was a unique spin of the concept.

On my previous post, I had updated the status for all interested parties (two people maybe…). I checked back a few times over the next few weeks, but felt that a running update when no change had occurred was beating a dead horse.

Then I forgot about the whole thing.

Then I remembered and didn’t get around to writing an editorial about the sad state of exclusivity given to beautiful people and our broken society. Something came up. I don’t remember what it was. I’m going to say apathy. I could probably come up with a better excuse and one that didn’t make me out to be a moody teenager, but that’s closest to the truth.

THEN I happened to see a new post from the hoity-toity Tumblr in question today. Not my image. So now I’m going to call them out publicly on the Internet and shame them.

FOR SHAME, person I don’t know. FOR SHAME.

Feel free to join me in shaming them for their behavior. It’s fun.


Here’s the image, in case you aren’t familiar with the original post:

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