Ten Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Need a costume? For tonight? Terribly lazy? Try one of these awful ideas!


1. Yourself. Why not?

2. Yourself, at a different age. Older or younger, both are equally lazy. For a real lazy version, just use a cane (Cough Cough, Dan)

3. Your roommate/girlfriend/boyfriend. Often coupled with the person in question dressing as you.

4. Any abstract concept, such as “dignity” or “embargoes.” For this one, it doesn’t matter what you wear. Just say your concept loudly. Over and over.

5. Carson Daley. Dress however. No one will call you out, because it proves they know more about Carson Daley than you.

6. Yourself, with a mustache. You can print one, if you like. (This one is not for work.)

7. A drunk person. You’re on your own here.

8. Number 7, combined with any other number from this list. Math.

9. A stripper. For this one, just dress as yourself and then remove one article of clothing every forty minutes for the duration of the evening.


And finally,


10. An Invisible Person. Piece of cake. Stay home and drink. Watch some Community. Repeat.


3 thoughts on “Ten Last Minute Halloween Ideas

  1. I’ve done 2 and 3. When I went to Wil’s Halloween in 2010, I went as “Dan in 2009,” and I brought the cane.

    Last year, Catherine and I went as each other for the first party before doing the Princess Bride thing.

    And #5 is brilliant.

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