A Letter to the Right Youth

If you or someone you know is a young conservative, this letter is from DC Pierson for them.

An excerpt:

The world doesn’t need help being harder. It’s almost insult to the world and the baked-in difficulties it presents for us to structure our societies in an attempt to make it even harder just to be a living, breathing person in this world. Designing the systems that govern our lives to make everyone’s life more, rather than less, difficult is like standing next to a hurricane with a super-soaker just to make absolutely certain that everyone gets wet. We don’t need to elect leaders who promise to ensure that human life is a perpetual life-or-death competition for everyone, young, old, or incredibly old, a “war of all against all.” The world already  IS that way, without any help from us.

Please share. It’s not too late and Election Day is just around the corner.

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