512 Paths to the White House

Watching the election coverage today? Try out this interactive visual from the New York Times.

There are buttons on the top to pre-select state outcomes. For example, if you check Ohio for Obama and Florida for Romney, North Carolina suddenly decides the election.

Also interesting, there are five possible tie scenarios – and all of them require Romney to take Florida.

It really drives home how strangely important Ohio and Florida are.

512 Paths to the White House – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com.


3 thoughts on “512 Paths to the White House

  1. I hope things like this don’t discourage people from voting. Even in a state where ones candidate may lose, voter turnout impacts what issues are discussed in future elections.

    1. That’s absolutely true – and let’s not forget that many issues and officials are on the ballots today, beyond the big POTUS decision. As a Chicago resident, I voted this morning on issues regarding state pension funding for teachers, a state-level constitutional amendment that requires a supermajority for pension adjustments, and a proposed legal authority to limit/manage campaign contributions from corporations.

      Short answer, everyone should be voting.

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