Atoms for Peace – AMOK

  Just got an email from Thom Yorke. Atoms for Peace’s new album is out today. You can buy it right now. I saw them in concert two years ago. (Take this with a grain of salt because I only go to a handful of shows a year) It was everything I wanted out of […]

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The Old Reader

As some of you may recall, Dogmic was created to fill a certain… void. Ladies and gentlemen, the good editors of Dogmic are not alone. The Old Reader.

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I cannot think of a single Cat/Legend of Zelda pun. To be honest, I never loved that game. I could get behind all the Mario iterations, but I could never really give a shit about finding Zelda. And the swords weren’t swords, they were just ray guns. That game does have the best theme song […]

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Junket In Your Trunket

From the wonderful Calumet 412 blog. I wanted to make sure you all saw the guy on the left. Also, I didn’t know that The It Girl got her name from a movie called It. Not that It, this It. (Frightfully similar posters…)

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The Voice of Chicago has a great short interview with a man you  know, but don’t know that you know; Lee Crooks. Lee Crooks is the voice of the CTA. Every time a train tells you where to get off, that’s Lee Crooks.   Click on over for two short videos (the behind the scenes is better than […]

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