Goodbye Old Google

James Whittaker explains why he left Google.

It’s a brisk read, and a nice perspective on some of the things that have really been bothering me lately about Google. It’s not news, but who doesn’t love to hear their own opinions, written well, by a person in the know?

The TL;DR version could easily just be the third paragraph:

The Google I was passionate about was a technology company that empowered its employees to innovate. The Google I left was an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus.

Now, I miss the old social Google Reader more than almost anything else on the internet. It was the perfect social networking site, if you ask me. Google plus is a lukewarm replacement, with one bright shining star: Google Hangouts.

The recent announcement of the final death of Google Reader is a pretty severe blow. I still use Reader extensively. No other single site or service has had such a profound effect on the way that I use the internet. I am deeply saddened by Google’s insistance that I am using my internet wrong, and while I know that I will find other, new, better internets, it’s always sad to turn an era over and move on. Google has turned into that friend you still see and hang out with (gmail, gdrive) but don’t really connect with deeply any longer (I use Bing for search, twitter and instagram for social networking, and the day that Reader dies I’ll be on Feedly).

So for now, goodbye old Google. I hope you come back. I really do.

Why I left Google – JW on Tech – Site Home – MSDN Blogs.


EDIT: I entirely forgot to include this wonderful interview piece with Chris Wetherell, creator of Google Reader. This article is worthy of it’s own post.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Google

    1. I’m definitely going Feedly. The Old Reader is great, but without the social network behind it, I don’t see a strong argument for it. Feedly is very pretty and runs on my phone as well as my computer. Win.

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