Mini Comics Kickstarter

How many puns can you count?

This is my favorite Kickstarter ever. It’s going to end in 48 hours and I need it to reach its goal.

Three guys, all of whom are charmingly terrible on camera, are trying to produce six mini comics.

The action figures are limited to certain reward levels.

The name Mini Comics Included refers to the old-school marketing ploy of including a mini comic in an action figure’s packaging. There’s an example of that in their video.

Fans of Community will remember the Kickpuncher mini comic that was included in the Season One DVD. Here’s a link of Dan Harmon talking about the mini comic. So if you’re a Community fan, you’re probably a mini comic fan already.

Ridiculous, pun-heavy, nostalgia-fueled joylets—or mini comics for short—featuring Prime-8s drawn by Ryan Browne, whose Gods Hate Astronauts recently funded successfully, and Literary Commandos which features a character names Marksman Twain. Not too long ago, Wil and I came up with a bunch of pun-based superheroes and one of our best was Karl MarXman, so I’m already a huge fan of Marskman Twain. In fact, I’d like to see a version of Enemy At The Gates featuring Ed Harris as Marksman Twain and Jude Law as Karl MarXman, but not even Kickstarter could make that happen.

(maybe if we did Veronica Marksman…)

Mini Comics Included, by Mike Moreci and the Brothers Seeley. Jump on it.

The best part? For $15 you get all six mini comics! That’s a no-brainer.

Okay, now that you’re all backing this project and telling your grandmothers to back this project, let’s move on to the question that’s been bothering everybody since the beginning of the Internet:

When is there going to be a Kickpuncher Kickstarter?

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