The Ancients Knew How to Roll

Special thanks to Dan Sutter (who couldn’t post the article himself,) for the incontrovertible proof that the Ancients had table-top role-playing games…right after my silly sketch: “You enter the Academy of the future. Books are everywhere, but there are these, things, that are like uh-hundred books, even though they’re the size of one, and you […]

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Being a Good DM by Steve Townsend

“The other players are your team. Presumably your friends. If someone ever seems upset about your brilliant role-playing move, whether you’re a player or the DM, start with, “I’m sorry. I totally didn’t mean anything by it personally.” After that, you can discuss your choice and move on. If you have to defend yourself with, […]

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La Voute

“Deep in secluded woodland, an abandoned quarry reveals a landscape seemingly untouched since the dawn of the last millennium. Out of this wood and stone, using 13th century building techniques, a castle is being created.”

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Maps of Unrealands

Over at The Awl, they have a write-up of a handful of maps from classical children’s fantasy literature. I’m a big fan of made-up worlds and made-up words, so this sort of thing is right up my ballpark.

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