Clever Girl

Criggo shared this article from the AP the other day:   I have so many questions. Like, is Clam Falls actually a place? Can bears open doors? If two bears were chasing you through an amusement park, could you rely on another giant bear to appear at the last moment and save your life by […]

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Today is Polar Bear Day

Me? I’m going to drink some Polar Beers, at a Polar Bar.   Happy Polar Bear Day! – National Wildlife Federation. Also, I will re-ask the age-old question: If Batman were naked* in the woods with no tools, could he kill a Polar Bear, with his bare hands? Correct answer in the comments! *Batman naked […]

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I had never seen an igloo constructed “from scratch” before. Thanks, Vimeo! The sweet spot is right at the 6 minute mark.

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