Text from Dog

This guy swears at his dog a lot. Or girl. But the dog calls him “dude,” so, I assume male. It reads a little like a very angry¬†Garfield, without the lasagna or cat. Click through for more.  

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Lily the dog and Dusty the bike

Lily Shreds Trailside Here’s a cheery middle-of-the-night link. Lily the dog runs ridiculously fast, like rex-run fast. I’m amazed by her dexterity. I’m going to go ahead and write the stupidest review of this video: “makes me wish I were a tiny tiny man so I could ride Lily like a horse. also makes me […]

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Dogs In Studio

Sharon Montrose has a new book coming out soon. Who? Oh, I don’t know. Some photographer who takes the absolute best animal photographs. The new book is called Menagerie and I can tell you as a professional dog reporter, it’s a fine book to behold! I don’t know how frequently we’re going to be able […]

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