Axis of Awesome

Axis of Awesome. The first thing I saw from them was this awesome medley of four chord songs. Now, for you regular nerds out there, “Rage of Thrones.” The beard suits him.

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The Old Reader

As some of you may recall, Dogmic was created to fill a certain… void. Ladies and gentlemen, the good editors of Dogmic are not alone. The Old Reader.

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Get It?

When I started watching it I thought, “I have heard that line a lot.” Then it just keeps going. And going. 8:09 of the same line over and over. My favorite moments are the dubbed foreign films.

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A Letter to the Right Youth

If you or someone you know is a young conservative, this letter is from DC Pierson for them. An excerpt: The world doesn’t need help being harder. It’s almost insult to the world and the baked-in difficulties it presents for us to structure our societies in an attempt to make it even harder just to […]

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