Get It?

When I started watching it I thought, “I have heard that line a lot.” Then it just keeps going. And going. 8:09 of the same line over and over. My favorite moments are the dubbed foreign films.

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The World’s Quietest Room

Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota have the world’s quietest anechoic chamber. They say that prolonged time in the room causes hallucinations. And by prolonged they mean 45 minutes. 99.99% sound absorption? I really want to go.   The world’s quietest place is a chamber at Orfield Laboratories | Mail Online.

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Famous Facous

Over at Famous Facous, some rapscallion uploaded a series of eyewatering celebrity portraiture. Spoiler Alert!  It’s me. During an oppressive bout of writer’s block Sunday night, I began furiously scrawling portraits of celebrities, as a joke, and to keep my hands moving across paper. I have about 30 of them. None of them are good, […]

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