Ten Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Need a costume? For tonight? Terribly lazy? Try one of these awful ideas!   1. Yourself. Why not? 2. Yourself, at a different age. Older or younger, both are equally lazy. For a real lazy version, just use a cane (Cough Cough, Dan) 3. Your roommate/girlfriend/boyfriend. Often coupled with the person in question dressing as you. 4. Any abstract […]

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Red Can

I want to share this with you fellows. I’ve mentioned it to Dan and Wil, and Kosmo has almost certainly seen it on my Facebook page, but I want answers. Is a can of Coca-Cola actually less terrible for you than a can of Minute Maid Fruit Punch? Are these numbers deceptive in any way?

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Space Spirits

Say you’re an intergalactic traveler and have a bit of the home-brew bug. You set up a still, go about boiling your interplanetary mash, and let that yeast from Rigel 7 get to work. How will your intoxicant endeavors fair in zero gravity? I have no idea. Luckily, some scientists decided to team with Ardbeg’s […]

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Good News, Everyone!

From the Friends of Laphroaig Facebook page: Friends, In response to many complaints about the extremely smokey taste of Laphroaig, we will be introducing a new expression this month. Laphroaig Doused is a smoke-free whisky. All peaty flavour has been removed, leaving the taste similar to many blended scotch whiskies. We hope this extremely accessible […]

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