Paperman debuted online today and it’s a fantastic blend of animation styles. It’s obvious why this was nominated for a Best Animated Short Oscar. I’m not familiar with the other nominees, but I imagine it would take some Wallace & Gromit-level brilliance to beat it. I can make a pretty amazing paper plane, but none […]

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A haunting short animated film from The Animation Workshop. (Contains brief animated nudity, and is therefore mildly NSFW.) Vaesen – YouTube.

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Catherine, like Scott and I, has a birthday that follows the super-cool formula for awesomeness: m x 3 = d where m = numerical month and d = date. It’s a pretty cool way to figure out who your friends are. (Suck it, other people; especially Kosmo, but especially Wil.) Here’s a picture I took of […]

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It’s the Third Quarter

When the “secret” speaker at the RNC was rumored to be Clint Eastwood, everyone was picturing Dirty Harry’s stern, no-nonsense delivery of a message that many Republicans had read into this commercial as a pseudo battle cry. Democrats took it as a bump since the commercial was for a car manufacturer that Obama’s bailout saved. […]

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