David Bordwell assess the victory of the digital cinema revolution. The conversion is nearly complete. Some small theaters are doing extremely well with digital; for some, the conversion is a lateral move – unable to run first run movies due to competing screens, but business is still stable; others struggle to convert or screen 35mm; […]

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Junket In Your Trunket

From the wonderful Calumet 412 blog. I wanted to make sure you all saw the guy on the left. Also, I didn’t know that The It Girl got her name from a movie called It. Not that It, this It. (Frightfully similar posters…)

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Remember Decay? It’s that zombie movie that was made by scientists at CERN (the Large Hadron Collider), remember? Sure you do. I wrote about an article that Wired wrote that was about that movie. I knew you remembered. Well, the movie was released yesterday. As promised, the whole movie is free for downloading, as well […]

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Get It?

When I started watching it I thought, “I have heard that line a lot.” Then it just keeps going. And going. 8:09 of the same line over and over. My favorite moments are the dubbed foreign films.

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