Age Appropriate Justice League Casting

The ancient nerd-forum topic of which actors should play our favorite heroes seems to be re-energized now that Christopher Nolan’ s Batman series has wrapped up. His producer credit on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and the Nightwing/Robin/Batman Jr tease of The Dark Knight Rises, and the success of the laboriously hyped Avengers movie has convinced […]

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The Next Mutation

Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak decided to create another of his famous reboots. Here’s the premise: I wanted to make an X-Men reboot that plays to the strength of the concepts, namely growing up as a teenager, dealing with those who are different and how to deal with those who hate you.  The primary change […]

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Why Can’t I Quit You?

I came across this quick breakdown of sales figures for December 2011 for the comics industry on Tumblr, began to write some thoughts and decided to share them. First, pie! This also accompanied the graph: Marvel Comics has come out on top in terms of sales last month, knocking DC Comics from its three-month streak […]

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Kate Beacon

  I cannot begin to say how much I care for the (justifiably popular!) webcomic, Hark! A Vagrant. Kate Beacon is wonderfully clever. Below – her latest. Hark, a vagrant: 328.

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Hans Zimmer is Batty: Update

So, here’s Zimmer talking about what he intended and intends with the chanting. The chant seems to simply be a part of the score. And Zimmer seems to know just how, well, batty, the way he’s gathering recordings is. And Bane in this movie does not seem to be a Luchador in any way, so […]

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