Princess Avengers

Christopher Stoll has just entirely stolen my heart with this image: That’s Disney’s Pocahontas as Captain America, if you needed the nudge. I would absolutely read this comic/watch this movie/play this video game/drunkenly buy this lego figure on ebay. Click through below and you’ll see Mulan and Snow White, and a few others. It’s also […]

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Age Appropriate Justice League Casting

The ancient nerd-forum topic of which actors should play our favorite heroes seems to be re-energized now that Christopher Nolan’ s Batman series has wrapped up. His producer credit on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and the Nightwing/Robin/Batman Jr tease of The Dark Knight Rises, and the success of the laboriously hyped Avengers movie has convinced […]

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The Next Mutation

Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak decided to create another of his famous reboots. Here’s the premise: I wanted to make an X-Men reboot that plays to the strength of the concepts, namely growing up as a teenager, dealing with those who are different and how to deal with those who hate you.  The primary change […]

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Digital Comics

This looks great, and I like this guy’s enthusiasm for the new, digital medium and his reverence for the old, paper one. “Infinite Comics: Marvel’s New Format Changes How Comics Are Created—And Read”

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Marvel at the Pointlessness

What’s Marvel’s response to DC’s major changes? The modern-day equivalent of 3D movies in the 80s. A bunch of gimmicky shit that will be laughed at a decade later. Or another way to look at it, the comic book cover insanity of the 90s. (The logo on Q’s shirt is perfect.)

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