Good Morning to You

Just go straight to this Techdirt article. It’s about a recent lawsuit filed against Warner Music, who has for decades been claiming copyright (and aggressively enforcing said claim) for “Happy Birthday to You” of all things. Turns out, “Happy Birthday to You” is almost certainly in the public domain. If this goes to court, and […]

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Paper Skull

Internetians overused the terms “mind-blowing” and “amazing.” Here’s an opportunity to use those two words without compromising their integrity. Courtesy of Li Hongbo

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A haunting short animated film from The Animation Workshop. (Contains brief animated nudity, and is therefore mildly NSFW.) Vaesen – YouTube.

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Good Job, America!

This election cycle has done so much for my view of American voters. Can we all just take a day and toast ourselves? Here’s to being a better, fairer, more inclusive, more diverse, more amazing nation. Cheers. (Forgive my drippy sentimentality. There’s plenty of time to be cynical and depressed about this stuff later, and […]

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Writing with Cats

Written? Kitten! is a webpage where, after entering a preset number of words, the writer is shown a picture of a kitten. This encourages them to continue writing, in  search of the a microburst of endorphins. This combines the best thing the internet has (pictures of cats) with recent science to create a wonderfully compelling way to […]

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