She knew how to pick a stagename

From Futility Closet: Director Curtis Bernhardt was midway through shooting My Reputation in 1944 when he encountered some trouble with one of the stars. Robert Archer insisted on wearing a jacket and shirt while mowing a lawn under the hot California sun. Bernhardt pressed him, and to his surprise Archer said, “Okay, okay, I’m a […]

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Why Can’t I Quit You?

I came across this quick breakdown of sales figures for December 2011 for the comics industry on Tumblr, began to write some thoughts and decided to share them. First, pie! This also accompanied the graph: Marvel Comics has come out on top in terms of sales last month, knocking DC Comics from its three-month streak […]

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Wholesome Family Traditions

If you’re looking for family fun this holiday season, look no further than ROCKwell’s. This hot spot which opened in 1986 and closed in 1941 due to temporal difficulties is the brainchild of retired porn star actor Jack Nippleson. This place has everything; cranberry molded sofas, dancers dressed as grandmas, stray dogs, your drunk uncle, […]

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The Icy Grip of Death

Here’s an amazing time-lapse video from BBC Nature of a “brinicle” forming beneath sea ice growing to the sea bed. Dozens of starfish and sea urchins littered the sea bed directly below the “brinicle” and many were caught in it’s icy tentacle. HOW DOES A BRINICLE FORM? Dr Mark Brandon Polar oceanographer, The Open University […]

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