War Is No Place for Noobs

The below gif came to my attention today and I wanted to dig up some information on it. Unfortunately, it’s at least 5-6 years old and it’s been passed around more than a woman of the night*. Numerous people have passed it on as their own work and that just seems to be the way […]

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Mega Metal Man

Metal covers of Nintendo games. It’s a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, you have the 8-bit theme made with an incredibly limited soundboard. On the other, you have musicians that think they’re amazing and love to trip over their egos. There are so many bad covers out there that when you find a […]

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Crush Dice

Continuing on with Red Shirt Week I am giving a plug to Dragon Chow. Lyndsay is the dynamo behind the machine and she has some fantastically geeky designs. What does this have to do with Trek? This! Wesley Crusher’s sweater design! (I added the Wil Wheaton head*) I’ve never had a dice bag before, but […]

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Roy McCarthy is a Liverpudlian artist and designer who has put together an alternative branding campaign for the London Olympics. As you may know, the Olympic committee is insanely protective of their brand and name, despite claiming to be an amateur sporting competition, and having stolen their name and idea from the ancient Greeks (ancient […]


NYT Sam Anderson on Casual Games, Society, and The Rest of Everything

This is a fantastic read, covering topics ranging from game theory to (potentially mislabeled) addiction cycles and the art of indie games. It’s a long enough article to touch on a lot, but not long enough to be anywhere close to exhaustive. Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyperaddictive ‘Stupid Games’ – NYTimes.com.   I’ve seen […]

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