Rachel Maddow explains the election

YouTube user Tumwatl uploaded and transcribed this exhilarating clip from the Rachel Maddow show. I encourage every American to watch this. In the first minute she dispels the fringe theories of the right-wing, but then at 1:17 she gets right down to the structure of the two party system. Her salient argument is that we need vigorous debate […]

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Current (male) workers are not-good and exceptions can be made for (good) female workers.

From the transcript: ROMNEY: We’re going to have to have employers in the new economy, in the economy I’m going to bring to play, that are going to be so anxious to get good workers they’re going to be anxious to hire women. Let’s start with that First clause: “We’re going to have to have […]

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Donate to Planned Parenthood

Cheers to Scott Smith for pointing me in the direction of Amadi Talks today, in regards to the unbelievably cold-hearted, counter-productive, elitist, faux-religious nonsense of the year. Here is a brief bit of what Amadi says: Komen has said that this decision arose from a new policy of not funding any organization that is under government […]

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News on the March

This popped up on Slog – the online aspect of Seattle’s fantastic The Stranger. I am, of course, a regular reader. And today they mention Illinois! Why, my goodness, that’s where I live! This is relevant to me! How wonderful to see news of my beloved home-state swoop in from abroad like a…  Oh. Oh no. […]

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Rick Perry is Anti-American

1) Who is oppressing Christmas? 2) Being gay and serving in the military is an expression of individual freedom. Being Christian and forcing an entire public school to take time out of education (the primary  purpose of a school) so that some kids can pray, is a restriction of individual freedom. The first is an […]

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Guantanamo Won’t Be Big Enough

“2012 National Defense Act: ‘Terrifying’ And Must Be Stopped” One of the articles he refers to. The media should be having a field day with this, but they’re not. I don’t understand why. Whether the waiver has been added to protect American citizens or not, the fact that an attempt to enact a law that […]

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