Ten Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Need a costume? For tonight? Terribly lazy? Try one of these awful ideas!   1. Yourself. Why not? 2. Yourself, at a different age. Older or younger, both are equally lazy. For a real lazy version, just use a cane (Cough Cough, Dan) 3. Your roommate/girlfriend/boyfriend. Often coupled with the person in question dressing as you. 4. Any abstract […]

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Why the Long Face?

I was shopping for Scott. You know, for his birthday. I’m saving this one for Christmas. But that led me to.. well.. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have discovered the single best Amazon user-submitted-photo gallery ever made. The product is a horse mask. The gallery is amazing. At time of publication there were 312 photos. Here […]

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Can we talk about Black Holes?

Unless I’m playing a Space Game RPG with Wil or explaining candy bars to Tim Maxwell, I’m generally not thinking about our galaxy–or as I call it My Home’s Home’s Home. So, when “scientists,” who run a website called space.com (they’re giving urls to anybody these days), casually mention that a black hole is at […]

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