White Trash

  Believe it or not, this is NOT the same statue that this idiot constructed. His 26-foot tall statue, called Forever Marilyn, lowered Chicago’s already tawdry Michigan Mile for a summer. I appreciated his previous works which stood there—a three-dimensional rendition of Grant Wood’s American Gothic and then a metallic, wind-tormented King Lear—but despise the sensational […]

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Current (male) workers are not-good and exceptions can be made for (good) female workers.

From the transcript: ROMNEY: We’re going to have to have employers in the new economy, in the economy I’m going to bring to play, that are going to be so anxious to get good workers they’re going to be anxious to hire women. Let’s start with that First clause: “We’re going to have to have […]

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Related to Kosmo’s post: I’ve been haunted every year by a certain Valentine’s Day memory of my obnoxious Catholic upbringing. In one of my classes or perhaps during a “special break time,” (the only non-religious class in grade school was Math, but Math was invariably taught by a nun) I was force-shown a hokey christian […]


5th Ed.

Published today over at that start-up e-zine, The New York Times, the current publishers of Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, congratulate themselves on having such a neat product and such a passionate fan base.  More to the point, they are announcing the beginnings of the fifth edition of the game. They are opening their […]

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News on the March

This popped up on Slog – the online aspect of Seattle’s fantastic The Stranger. I am, of course, a regular reader. And today they mention Illinois! Why, my goodness, that’s where I live! This is relevant to me! How wonderful to see news of my beloved home-state swoop in from abroad like a…  Oh. Oh no. […]

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Hard Times Made Harder

“Internships” and “volunteer opportunities” that are actually full time jobs: From today’s FILM CAREERS email, from Columbia: INTERNSHIP for credit / or Volunteer For Experience and Resume building (not for credit) We would like an aspiring journalist, critic, or academic writer who is familiar with LGBTQIA and queer art and is looking for the experience […]

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