Pentametron Update

The Pentametron has gathered enough tweets to begin working in rhyme.   Fruit ninja = great procrastination tool I always have the munchies after school. :3 The Murder of MADRID… The MUNICH Way! I’m soaking my acrylic off today It’s gonna be a awesome day today 🙂 Who doesn’t love a weekend getaway? I wouldn’t […]

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The First Word

I found this thanks to Scott McCloud on the Twitters. The First Word by Patrick Farley (NSFW). It’s definitely worth seeing. The presentation is incredible.

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Happy Birthday, you old devil!

What a lovely Google Doodle to celebrate Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday! I am not familiar with his works to the degree that I recognize all these characters. It reminds me of the following painting: What a tribute to the man that in his own time so many dozens of his imagined characters were recognizable to […]

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